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The Primary Care Mental Health Specialist service has been introduced to support a safe and positive discharge from Secondary services for people with long term stable mental health conditions (clusters 7, 11 and 12) into primary care.

Following a successful pilot the service has now grown and Invicta Health CIC are now providing a Primary Care Mental Health Specialist service across Canterbury and Coastal area, South Kent Coast and Ashford. The service was originally a ‘step down’ service with referrals being made directly from the community mental health team however a ‘step up’ service is now also being provided with referrals from GPs for stable patients in clusters 7,11 and 12 who might have been previously discharged to just the GP from Secondary Care and are in need of additional support. Individuals who have been under the PCMHS team in the past can also self-refer back to PCMHS team if they are in need of our service again.

In the South Kent Coast area, a pilot was introduced for direct GP referrals for individuals with low mood, anxiety disorders and depression (clusters 1,2,and 3) which is now integrated as part of the PCMHS service in South Kent Coast.

The benefits of Primary Care Mental Health Specialist team service are that it enables people who would otherwise remain in Secondary services or who would not be able to sustain discharge in Primary Care without support to be transitioned safely into Primary care. The PCMHS service provides support and consultation to both the CMHTs and the GPs to facilitate this process and can act as a bridge between Secondary and Primary Care to improve communication between services and to ensure consistent treatment, care to the individual and sustained management in Primary Care.

How does it work?

Individuals with long term stable mental health conditions are identified by the CMHT, GP and the PCMHS Team, those who fall into clusters 7, 11 and 12 and have a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, Bipolar affective disorder, recurrent depression and chronic neurotic stress related and somatoform disorders for potential transfer.

The Primary Care Mental Health Specialists will provide recovery focused support to the individual which a step down from the CMHT. We meet with people in their homes and in the community and focus on relapse management and prevention as well as support them with their functional recovery and accessing vocational opportunities.

If an individual is at risk of destabilising we will initially provide more intensive follow up in Primary Care however if they are in need of management from the CMHT and in keeping with NICE guidelines then the Primary Care Mental Health Specialist Team will need to urgently refer the individual back to Secondary Mental Health Services.

How do I refer?

A referral letter or the PCMHS referral form is completed and sent with additional information to the following:

Primary Care Mental Health Specialist Team Invicta Health CIC

1 Northgate Canterbury Kent


We can be contacted for discussion or consultation regarding potential referrals at: Tel: 0800 242 5199

Referrals can be emailed, please Click Here for the email address.

Referral Form: GP referral


Invicta Health CIC in conjunction with Encompass are currently running a number of successful psychoeducation courses across Canterbury, Whitstable, Faversham and Sandwich for individuals with a diagnosis of Bipolar Affective Disorder or Psychosis to support them in their recovery.

The groups have helped individuals to be less isolated by meeting others with a similar diagnosis  and have helped them to understand their condition and learn about relapse prevention to enable them to stay well and out of hospital.

“After being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder for 17 years this course has been the first real insight in to Bipolar.  It has been most informative and I have gained a lot of knowledge.   It is good to listen to other people’s experiences – who suffer from bipolar.  It is helpful to have all the information given which will enable me to look back on this in the future.  I look forward to coming each week and meeting the other people and completing the session.  I think completing this course will help me stay well in future.  I have gained a lot of insight about a condition I have had for 17 years.  I just wish I had the opportunity to do this course when I was first diagnosed.”

The mental health groups that Invicta Health CIC are currently running are:

The Bipolar Psychoeducation Course – 13 week course
Bipolar Leaflet
Bipolar Referral Form

The Wellbeing in Psychosis Course -15 week course
Psychosis Leaflet
Psychosis Referral Form

Invicta Health have also started running ;

The Understanding Emotions Course -12 week course

“Initially I didn’t see the benefit of group and thought that one-on-one would be more beneficial.  However, any scepticism was gone, the different topics were brilliant and it was nice to have a range of ages and people in different parts of life for a different perspective.  Overall, it really helped me understand my condition more and my control of my emotions drastically increased.  Knowing I wasn’t alone and understanding it more has been beyond amazing”

Understanding Emotions Leaflet
Understanding Emotions Referral Form